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Dream Day Wedding

 - A day to remember.

Dream Day Wedding Game

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Dream Day WeddingCan you help your friend Jenny plan her Dream Day Wedding? Look for hidden items in the bakery, flower shop, dress boutique, and other beautiful and romantic locations. Put together the perfect wedding and unlock the secret honeymoon level.

Solve each "Wedding Crisis" as you play the game. Discover the romantic past of Jenny and Robert as you relive how they met, their first date, the proposal, and finally their perfect dream day wedding.

Dream Day Wedding Features:

  • An untimed mode for relaxing play.
  • Nine exciting mini-games.
  • Soothing orchestral music.
  • Romantic hidden object fun.

System Requirements:

Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, or Vista
Pentium 1 MHz processor
128 MB RAM
DirectX 9 or later


Dream Day Wedding Screenshot 1

Dream Day Wedding Screenshot 2 Click to enlarge screenshots of Dream Day Wedding

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Customer Reviews:


Game Review: 05-01-2007

What an adorable game! My little sister just got married, so I'm totally familiar with the stresses and joys of getting married. I actually had to stop playing this right before because I couldn't stand to look at anything wedding related ;) I ended up getting addicted to Little Shop of Treasures instead. I still come back to Dream Day Wedding when I want to be reminded of weddings, though!


Game Review: 05-01-2007

What fun! I'm glad somebody made a hidden object game based on weddings. What could be more romantic! Dream Day Wedding is one of my favorite games. I just wish it had more mini-games, but, like any marriage, I guess it has its flaws!

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Dream Day Wedding