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Flashbang StudiosFlashbang Studios--hey, that's us--is a small independent video game developer. We create our own games, run the very website you're reading this text on, and do contract work for companies ranging from Adult Swim to Cisco Systems.

Our first game, Beesly's Buzzwords, was released in 2003. After that we did some contract work before releasing our next casual title, Glow Worm, in 2005. We no longer create casual games, but we still love games and think that everyone should play them too (which is why we run this website)!

Fun fact: Everyone at Flashbang can unicycle. For more information on us click the "About" tab on the website menu. Thanks for stopping by!

#1 Game Beesly's Buzzwords:

Games by Flashbang Studios:

Beesly's Buzzwords
Beesly's Buzzwords Game Spell words; make honey; save the hive!

Download Beesly's Buzzwords
(Word Game)

Glow Worm
Glow Worm Game A magical action puzzler.

Download Glow Worm
(Match-3 Game)

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Beesly's Buzzwords Game

Glow Worm


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